No long term listing agreements

Peace of mind

Your Peace of Mind Matters to Allen

We understand that entering into a long-term listing agreement with an agent can be daunting, especially if you’ve just met them. With Allen, your peace of mind is a priority. Allen will allow you to terminate the listing agreement anytime before receiving a purchase offer. Allen’s Peace of Mind Guarantee is a promise that sets him apart. If he doesn’t perform, you can terminate the listing agreement! So, go ahead and take him for a no-risk, no-strings-attached test drive!

Peace of Mind Guarantee


why Choose Allen’s Peace of mind Guarantee?

Allen believes in a stress-free, pressure-free experience. With the Peace of Mind Guarantee, you won’t be locked into an agreement you’re uncomfortable with.

Your satisfaction and confidence in Allen’s services are paramount. This guarantee is his way of showing you his commitment to meeting your needs.

Life can be unpredictable. The guarantee allows you to adapt to changing circumstances or priorities without constraints.

Allen’s team values open and transparent communication. The Peace of Mind Guarantee reinforces their commitment to transparency in every step of the real estate journey.


how does it work?

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